Framework package
(approx. 2 MB)

  • Auto-detect connected devices, download and install
  • Version: v3.2.9.1
  • 09.19.2023 updated

Full installation package
(approx. 3 GB)

  • Manually select device and install offline
  • Version: v1.2.4.0
  • 08.09.2023 updated
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Armoury Crate

The Armoury Crate app helps you manage every aspect of your rig – from initial setup to RGB illumination. Pinpoint the latest updates, drivers, manuals and offers, and connect instantly with your gaming peers.


Aura Sync

via Armoury Crate

Synchronize Aura Sync-enabled devices and customize lighting effects via the intuitive Armoury Crate app. Create awesome light shows using the entire color spectrum and a wide range of dynamic lighting effects

  • Select aura effects
  • Sync devices
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Aura Creator

Advanced customization

Take Aura Sync to the next level with the new Aura Creator software by creating richly-detailed, multi-layered LED lighting effects via an intuitive video-editing style interface.

View the current supported products, or check the FAQ for technical support.
  • Devices
  • PC components
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Scenario profiles enhance your experience

Automatic switching between Scenario Profiles puts you in the right mode for the moment. Define your preferred operating mode and other system settings for individual applications and games, and personalize how your PC behaves for different tasks.

Grow your games collection

Discover, explore, and pick up great games at lower prices with Game Deals. A rotating calendar of discounts gives ROG VIPs exclusive access to major deals every week. Organize your growing collection with Game Library, which puts control of all the games downloaded to your PC in one convenient place.

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ROG Devices

Supported Features

Armoury Crate is on a mission to unify the configuration and control of all ASUS and ROG software and gear. Integrating numerous software, it allows complete control of your rig’s key components and features – all from one centralized interface.

*Feature availability may vary by model.

One-Stop Registration and Updates

Create your Armoury Crate profile, register products, plus download the latest drivers, firmware and apps.

  • Log in
  • Register
  • Download & Update

Customized Themes

For a unified look, You can select a desktop theme to match your gaming setup.

  • ROG

  • TUF Gaming

  • ASUS

ROG Elite Rewards

A global loyalty program designed to serve gamers. Join the program now to rack up ROG Elite Points and redeem amazing prizes ― all through Armoury Crate.

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