The MMO mouse evolves: ROG Spatha vs ROG Spatha X

Nov 02, 2021 Written by:Whitson Gordon

When it comes to gaming mice, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. A soldier storming the battlefield has different needs than a magic-wielder exploring unknown lands. That’s why, for the latter group, we created the ROG Spatha line of mice, designed with Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games like New World in mind. 

But we’re never content to sit still, so after the success of our original ROG Spatha mouse, we got straight to work on a new and improved version. We call it the ROG Spatha X, and it raises the bar over its predecessor in a number of ways. 

Complete control for MMO victory 

ROG Spatha X_Scenario photo-02

To start, let’s talk about what both the Spatha and Spatha X have in common. Both mice are built with a magnesium alloy chassis, ergonomically designed for palm and claw grippers alike. As MMO mice, both the Spatha and Spatha X have a large assortment of buttons: 12 in total, six of which are easily-accessible thumb buttons for all your spells and abilities. The Mayan-patterned rubber grip keeps your hand from slipping, and the push-fit socket design allows you to easily replace the switches, to extend the lifespan of the device and customize its click feel. 

Both mice are wireless, using low-latency 2.4GHz tech, though they can be used wired as well if you prefer. Adjustable DPI allows you to control the sensitivity on- the -fly, and multi-day battery life prevents the dreaded mid-battle shutdown. When you do need to recharge, a magnetic dock prevents you from fumbling with wires. You can use Aura Sync to coordinate the 3-zone RGB LEDs on the logo, scroll wheel, and side of the mouse with your other ROG hardware. 

The X factor

ROG Spatha X_Scenario photo-03_charging

The Spatha X takes what made the original Spatha great and pushes wireless MMO play to the next level. We’ve replaced the Spatha’s original laser sensor with an optical one, for highly accurate tracking across your screen. That new sensor also has a higher DPI of 19,000, and the on-the-fly DPI button now allows for four levels of adjustment instead of just two. The Spatha X even allows for fine-grained DPI control through the scroll wheel, so you don’t have to open the software if you want to go beyond those four presets. 

We’ve taken great care to improve the switches even further on the Spatha X as well. While it uses the same push-fit switch socket design, it now houses ROG’s own micro-switch with a 70 million click lifespan, more than triple the lifespan of the original Spatha’s switches. The new pivoted button mechanism has zero gap between the mouse button and the switch itself, ensuring instantaneous actuation for responsive and consistent clicks every single time. 

Finally, the Spatha X supports longer battery life with faster charging through the new USB-C dock. 15 minutes of charging will get you 12 hours of wireless gaming, and a new RGB zone on the charging dock adds a bit of extra flair on top of its internal improvements. Couple that with the mouse’s lighter weight and 2-meter paracord cables—much longer and more durable than on the original Spatha—and you’ve got a recipe for MMO supremacy. 

Model ROG Spatha X ROG Spatha
Connectivity Wireless RF 2.4GHz
Wired USB
Wireless RF 2.4GHz
​Wired USB
Sensor Optical Laser
Max DPI 19,000 DPI 8,200 DPI
Battery Life (RGB off) 67 hours 33 hours
Micro Switch ROG Micro Switch with 70 million click lifespan Omron Switch with 20 million click lifespan
Programmable Buttons 12 12
Dedicated DPI Buttons 4 levels, adjustable 2 levels, adjustable
DPI On-the-Scroll Yes No
Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Socket Design Yes Yes
Pivoted Button Mechanism Yes No
RGB Lighting 3-zone RGB (mouse) + 1-zone RGB (dock) 3-zone RGB (mouse)
Cable Type 2 x 2-meter ROG Paracord

1 x 2-meter braided USB cable
1 x 1-meter rubber USB cable 


89 x 137 x 45mm (mouse)
81 x 141 x 22mm (dock) 

89 x 137 x 45mm (mouse)
81 x 141 x 22mm (dock)

Weight 168g 178g

Dominate the PvP arena 

Both the Spatha and Spatha X are fantastic mice for MMO gamers, and you can’t go too wrong with either. But if you want the absolute best mouse to imbue your fantasy avatar with PvP power, the Spatha X is the cream of the crop. You can buy the Spatha X for $149.99.

ROG Spatha X
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