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New Highest CPU Frequencies set on Z170 & X99 Platforms

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Over the weekend, der8auer, one of the best overclockers worldwide from the HWBOT Overclockers League, accomplished two important milestones. First, he managed to break the best CPU frequency on the Z170 Skylake platform with a new record of 7056.7MHz. The day after, he submitted the best CPU frequency on the X99 Broadwell-E platform with 5805.88MHz, previously held by Elmor, using an Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard as well.


Fastest Z170 Skylake CPU frequency @7,056.7MHz (+76.42%) with ROG Maximus VIII Extreme 

In order to get the 4GHz based clock of the Intel Core i7-6700K processor to a new high, der8auer cooled down his system with liquid nitrogen. Using a Maximus VIII Extreme, he managed to increase the performance by 76.42% to finally reach 7056.7MHz. der8auer activated 2 cores out of the 4 available for that CPU. 

The previous score was held by Chi Kui Lam using 1 core / 1 thread only to reach 7025.66MHz.

Skylake Z170 CPU frequency 7056mhz

See submission

Fastest X99 Broadwell-E CPU Frequency @5,805.88MHz (+93.53%) with ROG Rampage V Edition 10 

Benching on a different platform the day after, der8auer used the Rampage V Edition 10 and an Intel Core i7-6950X processor to reach the highest X99 Broadwell-E CPU frequency to date. With a base clock of 3GHz, der8auer improved the performance by 93.53%. This time he used 1 core out of the 10 cores available. The new high is now set at an astonishing 5805.88MHz!

Broadwell-E X99 CPU frequency 5805mhz

See Submission



Articles: News Overclocking
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