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ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 - The Results

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At beginning of the week we announced the details of the AOOC Final 2014. Today, we were in Moscow Cyber Stadium and after 10 hours of intensive benching, the competition is now finished. Here's the results!

Final ranking and winners

The overall winners are Dancop and Benchbros (Team #2) from Germany, with a total of 108 points. In second place, Team #7 represented by Xtreme_Addict and Giorgioprimo, with third position going to Team #3 with Wizerty from France and TerraRaptor from Kazakhstan. 





Here's a breakdown of each stage's results:

Stage 1: Cinebench R15

At 11:30am the competition opened to Stage 1, with submissions of Cinebench R15. This benchmark is 2D and required the overclockers to push their CPU to the maximum on all cores. 8pack and der8auer managed to take the first place with a CPU frequency at 5.5 GHz (+83,33%). In second and third position were Team #8 and Team #2. 


Stage 2: 3DMark 11 Performance

After the 2D benchmark Cinebench R15, overclockers moved on to 3D with 3DMark 11. Here, all of them chose to hard-mod their Strix GTX 980 to boost the extreme overclocking performance. Giorgioprimo and Xtreme_Addict were leading the stage but the last submission from Wizerty and TerraRaptor changed the game, and shifted them down into second place.


Stage 3: 3DMark Fire Strike

This stage was even more intensive than the 3DMark11 Performance. The teams with the best GPU could push their hardware and achieve the bests scores. Again overclockers competed until the last minute and it was impossible to tell until the last few seconds who would win. Xtreme_Addict and giorgioprimo submitted their best scores of 18,889 marks that put them in the second place passing, in front of BenchBros and Dancop, Team #2.


By the end of Stage 2, Team #2 of Dancop and Benchbros were leading the competition, with a total of 104 points, followed closely by Xtreme_Addict and giorgiorimo with 101. and Wizerty and TerraRaptor with 98 points. 

Stage 4: 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

During the 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme stage we saw a great demonstration of the overclocking skill of Team #2 and Team #7. both battled against each other for every single MHz they could squeeze out of their graphics card, dropping score after score.


Eventually Team #2 delivered the final blow, with a tiny 71 mark difference!

ASUS ROG would like to thank all the overclockers for their participation. As well, our partners, Corsair and MicroXperts for their support in organizing the event.

Day 2 - Freestyle benching

We will be back with more benchmarking tomorrow! The overclockers have already planned to push their hardware to the max, combining resources (Strix GTX 980 SLI) and the current target of world records and / or top scores to beat.

ROG is live-tweeting from the event: @ASUS_ROG and you can also watch on the live stream. Send us some questions on Twitter to any of the overclockers!

Photos gallery

For pictures of Day 1 AOOC, check out the ROG Facebook album.

Articles: Overclocking Events
Article Tags: Events
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