ROG OC Showdown Team Edition - Get your rig ready and join!

Apr 03, 2017 Written by:ROG Article

For the past three years, you've probably heard of the ROG OC Showdown Formula Series and Extreme Series online overclocking competitions targeting air/water cooling and extreme overclockers. With a wide range of OC-ready motherboards, graphics cards, and software available, overclocking has become simpler and more accessible. ROG always wants to bring out the best in the community by organizing fair and fun competitions that push the limits of our hardware.

Today, ROG is announcing a new online overclocking competition dubbed ROG OC Showdown Team Edition. The competition will start April 14th and run until June 5th on


This time, we wanted to do something that promotes competitive team spirit and lets everyone join in the fun. Every level of experience is welcome, from newbies to experts, and all types of cooling methods are allowed, from air to liquid nitrogen (LN2). Each of the competition's stages has its own rules and limitations to make things fair for the people participating. Teams and individual overclockers will both be rewarded from a total prize pool of $5,000 USD

How to participate 

1. Create an account on HWBOT - learn how in this guide.

2. Join or create a team if you don't have one yet. The list of existing teams is available here

Most of the teams on HWBOT are based on popular forums like,, and Cowcotland. If you're looking for one, we advise you to check with favorite forum first. Some overclockers might already be active, and they can provide useful advice on running benchmarks and competing as a team. The ROG forum has its own ASUS Republic of Gamers team - check their profile here.

3. Discuss tactics and strategies with your teammates.  

4. Run the benchmarks and submit your results. Learn how to submit results in this guide.

Five stages to win 

The competition consists of five different stages. Each one has its own rules about which benchmarks need to be run, which leagues can join, and which types of cooling are allowed. Make sure to read the full rules on the official competition page. Here's a quick summary:

  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3  Stage 4  Stage 5
Benchmark XTU X265 - 4K GPUPI for CPU - 1B Reference Clock 3DMark Time Spy
Hardware Limitation 4 x cores No X99 No Limitation No Limitation Single GPU - No titanX or 1080 Ti
League Limitation Rookies, Novices Rookies, Novices and Enthusiasts Rookies, Novices, Enthusiasts and Apprentices Rookies, Novices, Enthusiasts, Apprentices and Extreme Rookies, Novices, Enthusiasts, Apprentices, Extreme and Elite
Cooling Limitation  Air / Water 30°C IDLE Air / Water 30°C IDLE No Limitation No Limitation No Limitation
Average scoring / team Top 3 scores / team Top 5 scores / team Top 2 scores / team Top 3 scores / team Top 2 scores / team
Unique hardware / team CPUs Model CPUs Model CPUs Model Chipsets GPUs Model
Points repartition  50-48-46-44-42-42.. 50-46-44-42-42-40.. 50-44-42-42-40-38.. 50-42-42-40-38-36.. 50-42-42-40-38-36-34..


A prize pool worth $5,000 USD

We partnered with EKWB, G.Skill, Open Benchtable, Seasonic, and Thermal Grizzly to put together a collection of cool prizes to enhance your PC. Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams, and the top overclocker for each stage will receive an individual prize as well. An additional prize will be awarded to the most valuable player - the overclocker who gathers the most points overall.

For the full list of prizes, visit the prizes page



If you want to win, get your team and rig ready!