Overview: Strix Glide Control and Glide Speed Mouse Pads

Jan 26, 2014 Written by:ROG Article

Glide Control or Glide Speed?

 ASUS has designed two STRIX Glide mouse-pads, each with its own particular purpose. One is for ultimate control, and the other; superior speed. Fundamentally speaking these are the two basic styles of play.     

1 Fabric

Fine-Weave or Heavy-Weave Fabric

    Strix Glide Control (Black) uses a premium heavy-weave fabric for gamers who need a bit more resistance/friction for fine control and absolute precision. Meanwhile, the Strix Glide Speed (Orange) on the other hand uses a fine-weave fabric for less friction, giving gamers who love super fast gameplay and less movement resistance.

1 Speed vs Control


    ASUS is experienced in gaming hardware and peripherals, and with that experience ASUS knows surfaces and exactly how mouse sensors react to them.  Optimal tracking is always to be expected whether using optical or laser mice.

1 Tracking

Embroidered Edges 

     The embroidered edge makes the pad durable and fray-resistant, and importantly; keeps the corners from curling up.

2 Embroidered Edge

Non-Slip Rubber Base

       The sheer size of the mouse-pad combined with the non-slip rubber base makes it incredibly hard to move the pad unintentionally.

2 Rubber Base