ASUS Strix Introduction By OC3D

Jul 01, 2014 Written by:ROG Article

Tom at OC3D has discussed the new Strix branding and how it relates to features on the latest Strix Pro headset and Strix GTX 780 graphics card.

"The highly successful ROG line from Asus has been with us for years now and it has generally been renowned for being the branding behind all of Asus’ top end products. We’ve seen the latest ROG Poseidon GTX 780, along with the already incumbent ROG Matrix range high end graphics cards. Along with the prestige of owning these products carrying the ROG name, there also comes a fairly high price tag attached.

Now, Asus have released a new branding range alongside ROG named Strix. This is set to be a more gaming derived alternative to the ROG name, but keeping in terms with the great looks and quality we’ve come to expect from ROG and Asus.

'Strix' comes from the Latin word for 'owl' and it's clear to see that the Strix range of products have been designed around this. Areas such as silence have been carefully looked at on the 780 which has been designed around an owl's silent wings, along with crystal clear audio positioning which again has been designed around an owl's hearing."

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