Jan 07, 2015 Written by: MarshallR

CES 2015: The ROG SLI Bridge

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Connect up your ASUS/ROG/Strix together and finish off your SLI build with an ROG SLI bridge. The ROG team has designed SLI bridges available for 2, 3 and 4-way SLI systems, with varying widths between the cards to match ROG motherboards. It's construction uses high-quality aluminum, with a red backlit ROG logo in the center.

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But why do I need a fancy SLI bridge when I get one free with my motherboard? Well, apart from the fact it's been an oft-requested feature (we do listen out to our fans!), when you're spending the $ on a few graphics cards and possibly a new Rampage X99 rig to match, it's a small but very important upgrade because it often sits right behind a case window and it's the first thing you'll see.


ROG_SLI_Bridge_with_illuminated_ROG_logo_and_a_sleek_aluminum_luster_available_up_to_4way_SLI_config copy

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Article Tags: EventsProduct News
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