Our next generation of gaming products was unveiled at the ROG Press Event in Taipei, Taiwan today. The public and press will be able to catch a glimpse of much of the new gear at Computex 2017, which runs from May 30 to June 3. All the latest technologies and products are introduced annually at the show. ROG never fails to deliver exciting innovations, and this year is no exception. Without further ado, let’s take a peek at the newest selection of ROG gaming laptops, monitors, motherboards, and more.


ROG gaming laptops

The ROG Zephyrus impresses with an innovative new design

The delicate balance between portability and power is different for most people, and for every choice there’s likely a sacrifice you’d rather avoid. The ROG Zephyrus is the answer to your conundrum. If you crave gaming power, its 7th Gen. Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics will satisfy your hunger. There's enough juice on tap to pump out better gaming performance than you've probably tasted on a gaming laptop.


If you want all that power harnessed in an ultra-sleek 15" laptop, the Zephyrus is only 17.9 mm thin and weighs in at 2.2kg. The real magic is in the Active Aerodynamic System, which allows the chassis to expand and maximize airflow when you open the lid. How cool is that? Check out our deeper look at the Zephyrus GX501 to find out.


The ROG Strix GL702ZC delivers raw power at the right price

The Strix GL702ZC is the first gaming laptop to feature an eight-core processor, specifically AMD's new Ryzen 1700 CPU. Pair that with Radeon RX 580 graphics, and you have VR-ready performance to go. You won’t find another 17-incher with this much multi-tasking power for the price. Find out more about ROG's first AMD-based laptop in this article.


The ROG Strix GL702VI - The affordable path to portable GTX 1080 graphics

If your motto is go big or go home, you know you can’t go wrong with a GeForce GTX 1080 in a 17" laptop. The Strix GL702VI was created to allow more people to live that dream. Configure yours with an Intel Core i7 or i5 processor and up to 32GB of memory. You can also opt for a 120Hz display and PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD. It’ll be well worth it!


Esports gaming laptops defined by the ROG Strix GL503 and GL703

The new ROG Strix GL503 and GL703 series deliver the best combination of price, performance, and portability. And for the first time, versions have been tailored exclusively for different types of esports games. The Hero Edition is designed for MOBAs, while the SCAR Edition is tweaked for competitive FPS gaming. There's also a traditional version without genre-specific touches.


These ROG Strix laptops are predominantly black with luxurious brushed-metal covers. At the core of each one lies the latest Intel 7th Gen. Core i7 or i5 processor, up to 32GB of memory, and a Pascal-based GTX 10-series GPU. Here's a look at the different designs:

The Hero Edition designed for MOBA aficionados 


The SCAR Edition designed for first-person shooters


ROG Monitors

Immerse yourself in fast-paced action with the ROG Swift PG35VQ

Wrap your head around this: the world's first 35" ultra-wide QHD (3440x1440) monitor with quantum dots, HDR, and G-Sync up to an incredible 200Hz. The ROG Swift PG35VQ's gargantuan curved screen and 21:9 aspect ratio will exercise your peripheral vision for immersive action without a VR headset. The bar for realism has reached new heights, as HDR and quantum-dot technology bring graphics that are truer to life than ever before. It's not a complete experience without G-Sync and a fast refresh rate for buttery-smooth visuals, and we've even added Aura Sync RGB lighting to complete your desktop experience. Learn more about what makes this amazing new monitor special right here.


Welcoming the new family of ROG Strix monitors - the XG32VQ, XG27VQ, and XG258Q

Adaptive-Sync, otherwise known as FreeSync, joins the ROG monitor family with the new Strix series. The big daddy of the bunch is the XG32VQ, which stretches its 31.5" panel across an 1800R curve. This has the highest resolution, at 2560x1440, and the refresh rate scales up to 144Hz. The XG27VQ features the same curvature on a smaller 27" screen. Its 144Hz maximum refresh rate is the same, but the resolution is 1920x1080. Speed freaks should pay close attention to the XG258Q, whose flat 25" 1080p panel would look ordinary were it not for the insanely high 240Hz refresh rate. All three are equipped with Aura RGB lighting, and the XG32VQ can synchronize colors and effects with Aura Sync-compatible hardware. Read more about our new Strix gaming monitors in this ROG article.


The ROG Strix XG258Q (left), XG27VQ (center), and XG32VQ (right)

ROG motherboards

Both Intel and AMD have introduced their most powerful consumer processors to date. With more CPU cores and PCIe lanes, plus quad-channel DDR4 memory, these new chips look like they're meant for servers. That's sort of correct, but that doesn't mean you can't use them in a killer gaming rig.

Revolve your next dream machine around the Rampage VI Extreme

When you will accept nothing less than the best to pair with your latest Intel Skylake-X processor, the Rampage VI Extreme gives you everything the new X299 platform offers alongside a full slate of ROG enhancements. Read all about what to expect in this detailed look at all the new ROG X299 motherboards.


New ROG innovations take performance, cooling, and aesthetics even further, which is exactly what want for the foundation of a dream build. Your PC will stand out in a crowd, especially with the new integrated LiveDash OLED showing real-time system info, and the potential for more complex lighting effects via the onboard header for addressable RGB strips.

Upgrade to ROG with the Strix X299-E Gaming

The Strix X299-E Gaming is the perfect entry point when you want to match the latest Skylake-X processor with an ROG motherboard. Its ATX form allows for mid-tower builds while still offering plenty of slots, ports, and headers. Get ready for the next generation of RGB lighting with addressable LED strips, which let you control each LED individually. And learn more about the board in this article.


The ROG Zenith is ready for monstrous multi-thread performance

The ROG Zenith Extreme is ready for the upcoming Ryzen Threadripper processor from AMD. The server-like specs are jaw-dropping, so make you have the right X399 motherboard to match. Get ready for quad-channel DDR4 memory support and 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes for a multi-GPU system loaded with ultra-fast NVMe SSDs. See this article for a full breakdown of what the Zenith Extreme has to offer.  


The ROG Crosshair VI Extreme goes all out for liquid-cooling

Prepare yourself, because the Crosshair VI Extreme is about to bring advanced liquid cooling to the X370 platform. The board has a special header for custom monoblocks that integrate temperature, leak, and flow sensors. Additional headers stand ready for off-the-shelf gear, including pumps, fans, and all-in-one coolers. Add a dash of M.2 cooling, integrated Wi-Fi, and Aura Sync with support for addressable headers, and you've got a premium motherboard for Ryzen desktop CPUs.

ROG accessories

The ROG Strix Fusion shows perfect team coordination

Synchronized lighting is now available for your desktop, monitor, and peripherals, so why not your gaming headset? The Strix Fusion synchronizes its RGB lighting across multiple headsets via Bluetooth to show your team colors. The lighting effects can be controlled by a dedicated app for iOS and Android. Now that you have the other team's attention, it's time to prove the Fusion isn't just for show. Good thing you'll have the edge thanks to virtual 7.1-channel surround sound.


The ROG Scabbard is more than just a mouse pad

The next massive mouse pad from ROG is the Scabbard, the successor to the hugely-popular Sheath. The massive surface area makes it more of a desk mat; let's just say you must have mega-long arms if you somehow manage to run out of space. Crafted out of Cordura Lite fabric, the surface provides responsive tracking, excellent durability, and protection against accidental spills.


Get the edge, the ROG Strix Edge.

Those with limited desk space may have a hard time finding the right mouse pad. The Strix Edge solves the problem with a portrait-style orientation that can also be rotated when needed. Light and rollable, the Strix Edge makes a great portable mouse pad. The responsive tracking on the surface and excellent grip on the non-slip rubber base will give you the edge you need wherever you go.


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Press Release

Republic of Gamers Unveils a Powerful Line-up of Gaming Gear
at Computex 2017

World-leading PC-gaming brand unveils latest groundbreaking innovations, including gaming laptops, motherboards, monitor and peripherals



  • ASUS Republic of Gamers unveils a full range of gaming products at the Join the Republic press event at Computex 2017
  • Thrilling new ROG gaming gear revealed, including Zephyrus, Strix SCAR and Strix Hero Editions, Swift PG35VQ, Strix Fusion, Rampage VI Extreme and Apex
  • Top ROG gear demoed enhancing gaming experiences in different scenarios, including mods, esports, desktops, HDR monitors, Aura Sync and AAA gaming


TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 30, 2017 — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today opened the Join the Republic press event at Computex 2017 to unveil the latest line-up of gaming innovation crafted for the world’s finest players.

Leading the presentation on stage, ASUS Chairman, Jonney Shih, underscored the position of ROG as the No. 1 gaming brand worldwide, saying: “I'm very proud to witness how ROG’s dedication to superior design and engineering has been recognized and celebrated by the gaming community worldwide for more than a decade. Today's announcement and demonstration show how ROG products reach out to every gamer, empowering players of all skill levels and from all over the world to enjoy the best gaming experiences — and to win more battles!”

Unveiled for the first time was the long-awaited ROG Zephyrus, the world’s slimmest gaming laptop powered by a 7th Generation Intel® Core i7 (Kaby Lake) processor and the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics. Zephyrus features the Windows 10 Creators Update, which improves the performance of PC games via the all-new Windows Game Mode, and makes it easier to perform native game-streaming with Beam, Microsoft’s streaming service. Other products revealed include: ROG Strix SCAR Edition, a brand-new gaming laptop engineered to give FPS players a vital edge, with Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics, and an ultrafast 120Hz, 5ms display; and ROG Strix Hero Edition, a new gaming laptop made for MOBA heroes, with Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics and a 120Hz wide-view display with rich color fidelity.

Also shown for the first time were: Rampage VI Extreme, a flagship motherboard for dream X299 systems with custom liquid cooling and next-level customization; ROG Rampage VI Apex, an all-new X299 motherboard designed for record-breaking overclocking and sub-zero cooling[1]; ROG Swift PG35VQ, a 35-inch 3440x1440 HDR curved panel monitor with a 200MHz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology; and ROG Strix Fusion, the world's first gaming headset with exclusive headset-to-headset RGB-lighting sync and mobile app control.

The latest ROG gaming laptops have been carefully designed to delight two distinct types of gamer: those who crave the best performance from the latest resource-intensive AAA titles; and those who need certain performance and control-enhancing features to succeed at online eSports games and events.

ROG also officially launched the ASUS Aura SDK beta program, an evolving developer toolkit based on the most comprehensive full-system-lighting solution, furthers the capabilities and benefits of our Aura illumination technology. Aura SDK enables developers to fully exploit the capabilities of the vast eco-system of ASUS Aura Sync-capable gear, including the ability to display an array of system stats and alerts via RGB illumination, and brilliantly portray in-game action with real-time synchronized lighting — unleashing infinite lighting possibilities.

The latest ROG announcements also highlight the continuing strong relationship between ASUS and Microsoft and their commitment to providing the best gaming experiences. Peter Han, vice president, Partner Devices and Solutions, Microsoft, said, “Microsoft and ASUS continue to bring together the most advanced gaming software and hardware – Windows 10 and Republic of Gamers – to deliver unprecedented, immersive experiences to gamers all over the world. At Microsoft, we are continuing to bring the biggest lineup of games to Windows 10 PCs, and with Xbox Play Anywhere gamers can experience the freedom to play their games wherever they want.”


Join the Republic: A celebration of gaming innovation in five themed chambers

Following the on-stage presentation, attendees were invited through the specially-erected ROG tunnel to experience the Join the Republic showcase. This thrilling experience has been arranged into five distinct themes, each with its own dedicated design and demonstration equipment.

  1. ROG excels in case modifications

ROG gaming products are massively popular with the case-modding community. This chamber demonstrates how some of the world’s best modders have used ROG products for the basis of some incredible mods.

The area is arranged as a ‘modding laboratory’, with a live demonstration and media interaction as two well-known modders — China’s Wei Zheng, also known as Ai-Mask; and Australia’s Stephen Hoad, aka Oz Modz — demonstrate their own gaming rigs, which leverage various ROG gaming products. Ai-Mark’s ROG Moto-Mod is reminiscent of his dream Ducati motorcycle, with Strix Z270-E Gaming as its powerful engine; while Oz Modz’ Maximus IX Formula-based Halo Master Chief draws its inspiration from the lead character in the famous Microsoft® game.

ROG products to be seen here include: Strix Z270-E Gaming; Strix GTX 1080Ti; Maximus IX Formula; Strix GTX 1080; Swift PG 348Q; and Pugio.


  1. ROG leads the esports industry

The esports industry is burgeoning globally, with ROG leading the way — creating products especially tailored for all types of esports games. This chamber is designed like a ‘fight club’ arena for gamers to test their skills using the latest ROG Strix Series gaming laptops.

Taking center stage in this chamber is Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), one of the world’s most revered esports teams who exert their gaming skills on a live-stream using the most advanced gaming laptops.

The brand-new Strix SCAR Edition and Strix Hero Edition gaming laptops are respectively targeting FPS gamers and MOBA gamers. The models are infused with FPS shooters’ and MOBA warriors' spirits of pursuing achievement and honor in their appearance. In both cases, the core functionality has been meticulously designed to fulfill the needs of fast-paced and fierce gaming sessions.

ROG products to be seen here include: Strix SCAR Edition and Strix Hero Edition.


  1. ROG gaming desktops and monitors create the best customized gaming experience

This chamber demonstrates how ROG desktops enable gamers to experience both the very best gaming performance and customization options — with stunning lighting projections around the room to highlight the products. Visitors experience in-game virtual worlds with lifelike images and true-to-life colors displayed on ROG Swift Series gaming monitors: these are built for both gaming enthusiasts and pro-gamers, and take gaming visuals to a whole new level through HDR gameplay and surround setups.

The ROG Swift PG35VQ curved monitor and PG27UQ HDR gaming monitor are the very first to offer stunning resolution of up to 4K UHD with an ultrafast refresh rate of up to 200Hz at the same time, to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

ROG Strix GD30CI’s intricate design detailing and ROG GT51CH’s extremely powerful performance are presented through a fascinating projection-mapping special effect. This interactive setup highlights the design concepts behind ROG desktops, leading audience to imagine the possibilities of the future.

ROG products to be seen here include: GD30CI; GT51CH; Swift PG35; PG27UQ; PG27AQ; and PG27VQ.


  1. ROG outshines the competition with ASUS Aura Sync

This chamber immerses visitors in the colorful world of ASUS Aura. ASUS Aura Sync takes RGB lighting beyond the checkbox, combining and controlling the LEDs of all Aura-enabled products from a single application to achieve perfect, synchronized harmony — and it’s now a key feature of loads of ROG gaming products. Visitors can explore nine control schemes throughout all ROG products on display in this chamber, including: Static; Breathing; Strobing; Color Cycle; Rainbow; Comet; Flash & Dash; Music Effect; and Temperature modes. Wall-mounted RGB LED strips are synchronized with the displayed mods, so their illumination responds to visitor interactions.

Headlining the products on display in this area are ROG Rampage VI Extreme and Strix X299-E Gaming, a new ATX motherboard that’s geared to dominate, with bold aesthetics that are easily personalized, thrilling performance that's readily accessible, and captivating audio that draws gamers deeper into the action.

All ROG products on display in this chamber benefit from Aura Sync illumination. ROG products to be seen here include: Rampage VI Extreme; Strix X299-E Gaming; Pugio; Strix Fusion; Poseidon GTX 1080 Ti; Swift PG27VQ; SLI HB Bridge; and GR8 II.


  1. ROG redefines AAA gaming experiences

This chamber shows a glimpse of the future of gaming, and allows visitors to witness the redefinition of performance barriers. Like a secret arms depot inside an underground military facility, the dark environment of this chamber, bathed in atmospheric ROG-red light, serves the sole purpose of displaying the ultimate power of its arsenal. It showcases ROG’s most powerful laptops running the latest triple-A games at unbelievable frame rates, demonstrating how gamers who also demand portability no longer need to compromise when it comes to graphical fidelity and extreme performance — delivering desktop-like gaming experiences anywhere.

ROG products to be seen here include: Zephyrus and GX800.


Where to find ASUS at Computex 2017

The ASUS showroom at Computex 2017 is located at booth #L0432 in the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, and is open from May 30 - June 2 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on June 3 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



About ROG

Republic of Gamers (ROG) is an ASUS sub-brand dedicated to creating the world’s best gaming hardware and software. Formed in 2006, ROG offers a complete line of innovative products known for performance and quality, including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, desktops, monitors, audio equipment, routers and peripherals. ROG participates in and sponsors major international gaming events. ROG gear has been used to set hundreds of overclocking records and it continues to be the preferred choice of gamers and enthusiasts around the world. Learn more about the choice of champions at http://rog.asus.com.

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