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Mar 27, 2017 Written by:ROG Article

L3p, otherwise known as Peter Brands, is a well-known case modder from the Netherlands. The first images that come to mind when we think about his work are of the UV green and blue colors of the Raz3r D3sk, L3p Parvum, and Project Nanoxia builds:


But L3p has created many more memorable machines during his career of 20+ years.  

When we interviewed L3p back in 2012, he confided to us that the best place to mod was where he could be “completely alone, can make a mess and drink endless cup of coffee while modding.” That sentiment remains the same five years later. A few weeks ago, Peter took us on a video tour of his all-new renovated workspace. He called this project L3p Modcave.

The background story

After years of modding, L3p's workspace no longer had enough space to do multiple builds simultaneously. With big projects kicking in at the same time, it was time for a change. He devoted two weeks of effort to clean up, repaint, rearrange, and redecorate his working environment. "I had the idea to do this for years but I never got to it," he told us. "Then, when I was asked to do several builds at the same time, including a big one, it was time to do this first."

Two months ago, L3p's workshop looked like a well-organized mess, but more space was needed to be able to do more and feel motivated when entering the room after work. 

L3p_Modcave 2 months ago

L3p Modcave - Worklog

To get started, the first task was freeing up some space for working on the new desk and shelves. L3p reorganized his tool corner first.

The second step was building new desks - as a true case modder, L3p does everything DIY.

He even recycled some old shelfs, giving them new life by cutting them in half and placing them under the main desk - a perfect place to store hardware boxes.  

Here are some final fixes to let one of the desks roll around the room, plus pictures of the cleaned-up workspace.

In total, L3p freed up quite a lot of space. "I had 14m3 of material and now 12m3 still remain," he said over IM.

The last touch to make the workspace the real L3p Modcave - LEDs! "For this I used Cablemod Hybrid UV LED strips everywhere so I can even make the room UV active," L3p told us.


Two weeks later - L3p Modcave is complete

It was worth the effort and the wait to end up with a workplace like this. L3p treated it as one of his builds, and we can feel its personality shining through the room. Let's start the final tour with his workstation/music station. 

L3p needs good music and a good sound system to get motivated. He installed his 19-year-old Cambridge Soudworks FPS 2000 4.1 speakers. His workstation is liquid-cooled and uses the In Win Tou 1.0 case with the ROG Strix GTX 1070 graphics card and Maximus VIII Formula motherboard. Three displays help him out for video editing and 3D modelling. 

On the left side of the room, we find where all the fine work happens. Here are the tools and parts necessary for modding:

In between the workstation and tools station, L3p installed a glass cabinet that embellishes the most exciting pieces in his hardware collection. Inside, we find the first editions of the limited-edition Mars graphics cards. He also hung some of the first Republic of Gamers motherboards, like the original Maximus Formula that you can see on the left side of the trio below.

On another wall of the room, we find some additional ASUS graphics cards and motherboards. 

With eight meters of free space, L3p can now work on three builds at the same time and "run around here," as he says in his video. "In terms of efficiency, I made my workplace 70% more efficient," L3p added.

L3p_Modcave Overall view

Here is the latest picture he took of a new project that will include the Maximus IX Formula and Strix GTX 1070. The community is looking forward to it, so stay tuned. 

L3P_ New build

"It was finished one week ago, but every day after work when I enter the modcave, I get a huge smile on my face ... DAT SPACE!" L3p concluded. We can see why!

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